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[BedBug] - Byebyebedbugs
[BedBug] - Byebyebedbugs
[BedBug] - Byebyebedbugs
[BedBug] - Byebyebedbugs
[BedBug] - Byebyebedbugs
[BedBug] - Byebyebedbugs

Cimex Bed Bug Interceptors: Set of 4 Traps

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Brand: Bed Bug Interceptor

Color: White


  • ● PROTECT YOUR FAMILY & DESTROY BED BUGS NATURALLY: Includes 4 bed bug traps per package. The best way to eliminate bed bugs in your home without putting your children and family in danger from harmful pesticides and insecticides is with the dual-well design of Bed Bug Interceptor Traps. Affordable 24-hour protection that is safe & simple to use.
  • ● EARLY DETECTION SAVES YOU MONEY AND TIME: Immediately discover where bed bugs are crawling so you can hit infected areas with further treatment, rather than over-treating unnecessarily. Simply slip these trays under the feet or leg posts of your beds, cribs, patio furniture, couches, chairs and sofas. The bed bug interceptor makes it easy to crawl in but impossible to get out.
  • ● UNIQUE DESIGN ATTRACTS & HOLDS BED BUGS: The 6.5 inch x 1.5 inch trays contain two separate wells that isolate and hold the bed bugs, preventing escape and infection. Low profile design gives you peace of mind and constant protection without drawing attention to itself - so you can sleep with a peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from these pesky critters.
  • ● ECO-FRIENDLY & CHILD SAFE PEST CONTROL: Kill bed bugs fast - before panic sets in when the bed bugs start biting. The Bed Bug Interceptor makes fighting these insects safer, faster, and easier than waiting for infestation to take hold. Essential for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and dorm rooms. Non-toxic and ready to use right from the box.
  • ● GUARANTEED TO DETECT BED BUGS IN YOUR HOME: Other methods of detecting bed bugs can be hit or miss. With the Bed Bug Interceptor Traps, detection is always 100% effective. These high quality traps target the exact areas bed bugs are headed: where you and your kids sleep. With the Interceptor, you destroy them first.



Order Your Bed Bug Interceptor Pest Control Traps Today and Eliminate Bed Bugs Before They Ever Reach Your Family

Don't Just Manage Bed Bugs, Eliminate Them

Knowing where the bud bugs are in your home or facility gives you the advantage. Within minutes of bed bugs reaching your bed - instead of days - you can exterminate them. It's the best way to ensure complete bed bug removal, rather than waiting for flare ups and re-infestation to occur.

Don't Let Pest Control Costs Spiral Out of Control

Bed bug extermination costs can quickly skyrocket the more widespread the infestation is and the longer it is allowed to continue. With the Bed Bug Interceptor Traps, you immediately know without a doubt where to target treatment. Reinfestation and spreading is a thing of the past.

Dual-Well Design Lets Them In, But Doesn't Let Them Out

There's no escaping the Interceptor once the bed bugs have crawled inside. The unique design keeps bed bugs both from being able to access your bed and also from being able to leave to attack another area of your home. There are no harmful chemicals, dangerous pesticides or annoying glues to worry about - so your children and pets are always 100% safe.

Guaranteed to Detect Bed Bugs in Your Home

With the Bed Bug Interceptor Traps, detection is always 100% effective. If this product fails to live up to your expectations, we want to hear about it so we can make things right. We proudly stand behind our product so you can shop with confidence.

Order Your New Bed Bug Interceptor Pest Control Traps Today and Eliminate Bed Bugs Before They Ever Reach Your Family


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