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McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

I bought this steam cleaner due to a nasty experience with Bed Bugs that I picked up from a hotel in Georgia. I used bed bug spray and diamataceous earth to spray my mattress and boxspring then I wrapped them in liners. That worked alright, but the Bed bugs climbed up my wall and laid eggs on the molding. I realized that I was going to need a better option. I found about this steamer and I went ahead and invested in it because I wanted to use it to steam clean my carpets regularly. I also didn't account for the fact that my wardrobe is wood, so it didn't make sense to try to spray that whole thing down. This little guy came through the mail very swiftly. It is extremely efficient! I steam cleaned my entire bedroom, clothing, bed, boxspring, desk, closet, carpets, living room couches and carpets and the foyer carpets within a few hours and maybe 3-4 refillings. And this thing will be great to have around for deep cleaning everything. So all in all I think its a good choice for a household. As far as heavy duty use for cars and businesses, I think you could find something a bit better.

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