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Don't believe us here are a couple of customer testimonials that was happy they order from us and get rid of their bed bugs problem and save thousands of dollars!

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McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner


My wife and I have a steamer but it just was out dated. I saw a vid with this steamer and it's ability to stop bed bugs. It's awesome! It takes 5 seconds of steam to kill a bed bug (yes, we counted). This thing can go just under 40 minutes full blast nonstop. After two weeks, we've cut our bed bugs down 90%. Possibly 100%. The steam can literally reach across our king size bed. It's powerful! Bugs evacuated their hidding spots just to get blasted in the open. It says to wait at least eight minutes for the steamer to heat up, but if you wait about 30 you will get a firehose.

It comes with several attachments. My wife and I fight over it because she loves to use it on the floors, rugs, ex. I love getting the bugs around carpets, dressers, and beds. Use the skinny attachment for bugs and big attachments for floors.

Excellent buy if you need a power steamer for bugs! Highly recommended from my family.
Happy hunting!
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